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We can't always prevent a young person from attempting suicide, but we
can reduce the risk of death. In addition toproviding love and
support and finding help for him or her. We can also take some simple steps that help
ensure that a difficult situation doesn't become a tragedy. 89-95% of
people who survive a suicide attempt do not go on to die by suicide, so
removing lethal means from the home can be critical to the outcome. The
Suicide-Proofing initiative aims to educate parents about simple steps
they can take to reduce the risk of suicide in their homes. By
Suicide-Proofing our homes, we can help eliminate youth suicides in
Rhode Island.

The Suicide-Proofing initiative is the result of a partnership between The Rhode Island Department of Health and The Brady Center to Prevent
Gun Violence.
The Suicide-Proofing Initiative is based in part on research conducted be the Harvard School of Public Health.


The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is proud to contribute this campaign, originally developed as a project of Suicide Proof and The Rhode Island Department of Health.